What Are The 10 Key Metrics You Need To Track For Effective...

What Are The 10 Key Metrics You Need To Track For Effective Software Optimisation?

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How SAM-iQ Will Help You Become an 'IT Rock Star' for Your Enterprise

What Are The 10 Key Metrics You Need To Track For Effective Software Optimisation?

How can you justify the investment in Software Asset Management (SAM) if you’re not measuring both the performance of your SAM team and the benefits that the SAM program is providing?

Whilst there’s no shortage of best practice advice around in the SAM market today, there is still a distinct lack of help in terms of how to actually implement and measure SAM processes, the effectiveness of tools, accuracy of data and so on.

Of course there are best practice frameworks like ITIL together with an international standard (ISO 19770-1), but whilst these both provide sound guidance of the ‘What’ and the ‘Why’ they don’t really provide all-important support in the form of ‘How To.’ This means that there is a real challenge in proving SAM effectiveness for most organisations.

Why? Well, very often SAM owners get blindsided by the different priorities, objectives and ways of setting up the necessary metrics to measure things. So, despite there being documented SAM best practices available for reference and guidance, there is deemed to be a level of interpretation required in order to set and measure metrics specific to a business’s needs.

At Crayon we speak to many C-level leaders who tell us that they know they need to address SAM/ITAM but just don’t see the benefits. They feel that they never seem to improve, so it’s hard to identify how close they are to reaching their goals and objectives.

We respond by asking how they are measuring it. And the reply often is: “I don’t think we are.”

Trying to interpret SAM reports with either your internal teams or from SAM service providers can sometimes be a real challenge, as they never seem to highlight the successes, or measure the improvement in a way that clearly demonstrates value.

That is why with the release of SAM-iQ, Crayon’s unique approach to planning, implementing, maintaining and optimising your complex technology through effective SAM deployment, we have introduced a brand new online platform that provides an immediate and dynamic dashboard view of your key SAM status.

To ensure that demonstrating success to your senior management sponsors has never been easier, Crayon has developed a best practice approach to SAM. We provide you with the training, the guidance and the tools, but also give clear, measurable objectives and KPIs that will eliminate the need for your own interpretation and ensure you are enabled to provide clear and concise ‘value based reporting’ back to your team.

Here are 10 of the many key metrics SAM-iQ helps you implement, track and measure:


  1. The number of completed tasks leading toward achieving specific/all objectives
  2. The number of allocated tasks leading toward achieving specific/all objectives
  3. The status (percentage complete) of each allocated task and objective
  4. The status (percentage complete) of the overall project phases and stages
  5. The number of policies and procedures that have been developed and implemented
  6. SAM maturity levels benchmarked against other organisations and against other best practice (SAM Optimisation Model, ITIL, ISO 19770-1)
  7. The annual (currency) spend against each software vendor
  8. Budgeted software spend vs actual software spend (currency)
  9. Capex vs Opex spend (currency comparison)
  10. Amount of cost (currency) avoided due to harvesting licenses already owned instead of purchasing new ones


By understanding each KPI and its metric, IT leaders can easily track their own progress and the progress of their team, together with the ability to demonstrate to third party stakeholders how investments in complex technology are being optimised and where there is a need for additional resource and/or technology investment, wider adoption and/or sponsorship.

The winning combination of having the right people, processes and technology in place and then introducing the capability to capture and report on the metrics we describe above, will revolutionise your IT estate management and maximise your ROI from IT investments.

For your FREE trial of SAM-iQ contact your local Crayon team today or visit us at www.crayon.com

Phil is the Products & Services Director at Crayon and has been an integral part of the Senior Management team for over 10 years, having joined the business in 2005. With over 20 years of ITAM experience, Phil is credited with being the original architect of the Crayon SAM-iQ platform.