VMware vCAN Price Changes for Virtual SAN 6.2

VMware vCAN Price Changes for Virtual SAN 6.2

Take advantage of Virtual SAN pricing and packaging changes for VMware vCAN and on-board Service Providers now!

VMware has adjusted pricing and packaging for Virtual SAN exclusively for the vCloud Air Network (vCAN) program. These changes will be effective for Virtual SAN 6.2 on March 15, 2016.

This pricing and packaging is only available for Virtual SAN 6.2, for Service Providers with active contracts the new Virtual SAN 6.2 license keys will be issued on March 15, 2016. If existing Service Providers want to take advantage of the new pricing they will need to upgrade their license keys.

Below is a high level list of changes:

  1. Change pricing metric from “allocated capacity” to “used capacity
  2. Reduce STD and ADV list prices by 50% for server and 20% for desktop
  3. Introduce ENT “add-on” that can be applied to STD and ADV at small incremental price (instead of having to jump to a full ENT edition)

Below is a summary of the pricing changes (click on the image to see a bigger picture):

This is a pivotal event in setting the foundation to accelerate Virtual SAN growth in vCAN and win the Hyper-Converged battle. For more information on Virtual SAN usage reporting requirements, look out for Q1 2016 vCAN Product Usage Guide.

SOURCE VMware vCAN Operations
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