Visual Studio available in CSP and Cloud-iQ

Visual Studio available in CSP and Cloud-iQ

Resellers and customers who are interested in leveraging the Cloud-iQ portal to subscribe to Visual Studio Professional or Enterprise now have the option to do so.

Visual Studio subscriptions are billed as consumption through an Azure CSP subscription which Cloud-iQ users can create within their Cloud-iQ portal. After creating the Azure subscription, resellers and customers can order different Visual Studio plans by visiting To establish the Azure subscription connection with the Marketplace, users need to log in with an account that has “owner” rights on the Azure CSP subscription

See below for illustrated process:

Log in to:

Choose the preferred subscription and choose either the annual or monthly version of the subscription. Please note that the pricing visible here does not reflect your real price which is accessible in the Cloud-iQ portal.

After clicking on the desired subscription, you are presented with this view. To go to the next step, simply click on Get.

After clicking on Get, you will be prompted to sign in (this is the step where you sign in to the account that has the “owner” rights on the Azure subscription.) After signing in you will see a drop-down list where you can choose the Azure CSP subscription which will be connected to the Visual Studio subscription.

After choosing the Azure subscription and pressing continue, you can define the quantity of Visual Studio licenses needed. The price for the subscriptions can found in your Cloud-iQ portal under Marketplace and Usage-based services.

Which subscription term should you choose?  

When choosing between the Annual or Monthly subscription term you must be aware of the limitation that the Monthly subscription provides. In the Monthly subscription, the Subscriber benefits (previously known as MSDN) are not included. This means that if the user plans to use the benefits of Cloud Services, Software for dev/test, Software for production use, Training and Education, Support or Visual Studio partner offers, the correct subscription would be the Annual one.

Do I lose any benefits by choosing to purchase Visual Studio through a Cloud subscription versus purchasing the Standard vintage license?

The Cloud and Standard subscriptions differ in only a few ways. This table compares the main differences of the purchase options.

If you have any further questions on purchasing Visual Studio through the Cloud-iQ portal, please contact your local Crayon representative who will be able to give you more information.

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