Upcoming Enhancements to VSPP

Upcoming Enhancements to VSPP

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The VMware Partner Network is making changes to create a simplified and more profitable program for our partners – Service Providers will have greater opportunities and co-investment through enhanced benefits and enablement with a new Solution Competency.

Additional benefits available to enable partner growth:

  1. Provide the opportunity to promote partners on the vcloudproviders.vmware.com page
  2. Access to Development Funds for Enterprise and Premier partners to help them grow their business
  3. Cloud Credit redemption partner opportunity
  4. Lead generation and co-branded marketing for Premier partners
  5. Technical Development Board

New ‘Enrolled’ Tier – Service Provider

  • New Enrolled tier replaces the Registered tier as of May 9th, 2014
  • Existing Registered partners:
–With contracts will be moved to Professional and have 1 year to meet the requirements
–With NO contracts will be moved to Enrolled
  • The Enrolled tier allows partners to:
  1. Learn more about the different programs VMware offers
  2. Take time to decide what program is right for their business model by allowing brand new partners to join the VMware Partner Network as a route agnostic partner
  3. Start acquiring the needed sales and technical solution skills to accelerate their time to the first transaction

Professional Level – No Changes


  • Signed contract  360 points+
  • 1 VCP


  • Volume based discount
  • Production level support
  • Partner branding
  • Cloud test demonstration
  • NFR

Enterprise Level


  • Signed contract 10,800 points+ (3,600+ developing countries)
  • 2 VCPs (1 VCP developing countries)
  • Cloud Provider Competency
  • vCloud Powered  badge


  • Professional level benefits plus:
  • Development funds (pooled)
  • Option to be a Cloud Credits redemption partner
  • vcloudproviders.vmware.com listing
  • Press release support
  • IUL

Cloud Provider Competency

  • VMware Solution Competencies focus on developing selling skills, architecture proficiency and deployment expertise to help drive your success
  • Competencies are held at the company level and can be achieved through the education activities of several people within a company
  • The Cloud Provider Competency is designed to increase technical enablement skills and to help partners create opportunities, drive pipeline and increase revenue with VMware
  • The Cloud Provider Competency will include:
  1. Sales and Technical Sales training
  2. Post-sales training
  3. Operations training
  • Available in Q2

Premier Level


  • Signed contract  100,000 points+
  • 4 VCPs (2 VCPs developing countries)
  • Cloud Provider Competency
  • vCloud Datacenter badge
  • End user reporting


  • Development funds (preferred access)
  • VSPP Premier Support offering
  • Technical Development Board
  • Co-branded marketing and social media
  • Lead generation

If you want to learn more please contact your local Crayon team.

Michael Høegh Vilain, VP, leading the Hosting business for Crayon Group Worldwide. Worked in the IT industry all of my professional career +27 years. I have worked for IBM (10) , Microsoft(15) and now Crayon (2) . I have worked with ISV, SI, Distributors, End Customers and now with Service Providers. Primary roles always within Sales and Marketing.


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