Think that the Cloud Removes Compliance Risks? Think Again

Think that the Cloud Removes Compliance Risks? Think Again

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SAM-iQ the Ideal Foundation for Intelligent Cloud Investments

A growing number of CIOs we speak to are under the mistaken impression that the move to the Cloud has negated the need to manage software assets effectively. In particular there is a feeling it has removed the concerns about governance, risk and license compliance. And that by consuming Cloud technology, they pass on the overall responsibility for compliance to the host or the service provider.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The pervasive nature of the cloud computing paradigm means it is vital that CIOs have a Software Asset Management (SAM) environment firmly in place across their enterprise. The beauty of an effective SAM program is that whilst the goals and objectives quite often remain unchanged, the way companies have to adapt to different policies, procedures and processes definitely does not. In most Hybrid (on premise/Cloud) environments, there will be processes and ways of working that are now redundant, but there will also be times when the team has to do new things. And they must be prepared for this.

SAM has to be an integral part of any organisation’s cloud strategy and migration planning, because when done properly, it provides the ideal foundation of business intelligence to enable informed decisions that are based on detailed and accurate information and not on guess work or input from publishers.

This is why Crayon has a ‘SAM first, Cloud First strategy’. To enable our customers to adapt and manage their heterogeneous environments to be an important contributor to the success of the business, not as individual silos, sitting in IT or in someone else’s datacentre.

Our new SAM-iQ platform is available internationally and is built on Crayon’s deep heritage of SAM delivery excellence as the world’s No.1 SAM services provider and trusted advisor to global enterprise. Supported by Crayon’s unrivalled SAM and Cloud consultants, it provides all of the management tools, resources and services required to help our customers to optimise their software and complex technology estates and drive best-in-class cloud implementation. 

SAM-iQ enhances the value of IT to the business, improves governance, mitigates risk and, all importantly, drives down cost. For your FREE trial of SAM-iQ contact your local Crayon team today or visit us at SAM-iQ

Phil is the Products & Services Director at Crayon and has been an integral part of the Senior Management team for over 10 years, having joined the business in 2005. With over 20 years of ITAM experience, Phil is credited with being the original architect of the Crayon SAM-iQ platform.