Supercharge Your Cloud Business with Crayon and Microsoft

Supercharge Your Cloud Business with Crayon and Microsoft

Resellers looking to expand their cloud offerings should give Crayon’s new Cloud Solutions Program a look-in.

As a Cloud Distributor, we can help you add more Microsoft Cloud technologies to your catalogue of customer service options. We have been a SPLA provider since 2000 and are one of only 5 CSP Tier 2 Providers in EMEA.

Crayon’s Cloud Solution Program dramatically expands cloud sales opportunities for Cloud & Hosted Solution partners by enabling partners to provision, manage and support Microsoft’s Cloud offerings such as Office 365 directly to their customers. So you can incorporate Microsoft cloud offerings into your local service catalogue as if it were produced in your own datacentre.

Enhanced Support & Services

The program also provides you with a wide range of enhanced support and services to enable accelerated sales and deployment across all Microsoft Cloud technologies. Plus through Crayon, partners can easily perform all of those tasks required to provision, manage and support Microsoft Cloud technologies for their customers.

These Crayon capabilities allow you to provision a new customer, for example; to order subscriptions and add-ons, to add or reduce seats on a subscription. Plus we’ve got various add-on services where you can manage service requests, and view customer service health status.

The big bonus here is that because our pricing is actually 10 percent lower than Microsoft’s direct end user pricing, it means partners can provide this great service – while also enhancing their own profit margins.

All of this is under-pinned by an incredible range of services and first-class support options for both Partner technical teams and non-technical ‘Help Desk’ functions to support end user customers from Crayon.

We can offer you flexible support options to cater for your specific requirements – some of which are included FREE within the program and others as optional add-on services. These options cover all the Microsoft products which are part of the Cloud Solution Program, with both technical and non-technical support, and are aimed at all user types from end-users right through to the IT professionals.

For example, for end users we can provide that “how-to” support – such as setting up their email program to use their Office 365 account, support for OneDrive synchronisation issues and mobile phone email setup.

While for IT professionals, we can help with configuring the Office 365 tenant, and with the functionality of the Office Admin Center for example; and note that 10 support incidents are included per year, but of course add-on services that extend this level of support are available if required.

There’s 24×7 break-fix support included when the problem is with the Microsoft servers, and we can provide license support for help and how-to information for subscriptions and licenses, billing support for invoice and payment, and sales enablement support to help you with product information and prices etc.

Plus we also offer a range of add-on services which are perfect for filling in the gaps in your own skill sets if required – lack of technical expertise or resources on your part shouldn’t be a blocker to a sale or serving your customer.

Pre-Sales Training & Installation Services Available

We will help you with pre-sales training which can include both sales and technical training, and help with bid preparation and technical sales calls. We have those professional and managed services to complement your own offerings, and Cloud Workshops where we can conduct virtual or on-site workshops to enable a demo and test environment. And we can even support you with customer meetings too.

Our installation services will be useful if you don’t have deployment expertise yourself, and our financial services include the ability to offer monthly billing which we already mentioned – that’s a great option meaning there is minimal upfront costs for your customers, but on-going revenue.

Find Out More or Visit Us at WPC 2015

We are sure the new Cloud Solutions Program will inspire our partners and their customers. If you’d like to find out more, then please do get in touch with your local Crayon team today at

Alternatively if you’re attending this year’s Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC) in Orlando, Florida register to attend our “Blue Sky Masterclass” on 15th July to hear all about how CSP T2 can help transform your business and supercharge your performance. To learn more and to Register FREE go to

We really look forward to speaking to you soon about how you can accelerate your cloud sales opportunities.

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