SPLA – Get Out of Jail Free Card

SPLA – Get Out of Jail Free Card

Crayon SPLA

If you purchase Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) licensing from Microsoft, your monthly SPLA reporting is probably not high on the list of exciting projects you like to do every month. I’m sure it’s right up there with listening to voicemail or a visit to the dentist.

Are you one of the many who find the SPLA reporting process so annoying that you have gaps in reporting? If you’ve thrown your hands up cursing at your laptop and stopped reporting altogether, then this article is for you.

Crayon has recently been authorized as a SPLA reseller in the United States, not only because we have the experienced people and a proven process around software optimization, but because we have best-in-class agile self-provisioning, billing and reporting capabilities with our Cloud-iQ platform.

The Cloud-iQ platform is an effective and efficient way for service providers to deliver their own cloud and managed service experiences to customers and take advantage of public cloud opportunities.

And it’s not just SPLA reporting that Crayon can tackle. The Crayon platform automatically plugs in Azure, AWS, and IBM Cloud reporting too.

Extend the Cloud

With and through a SPLA program partnership with Crayon, service providers now have an option to help consult their end customers on which is the best cloud deployment option to include managed services and their own unique IP. This could mean helping that customer migrate infrastructure from on premises to a public cloud service provider like Azure, or deploying that infrastructure in the partner data center, or maybe a Hybrid combination of both – some applications running in a public cloud, some applications running in a more private cloud environment within the service provider’s data center.

Your Get Out Of Jail Free Card

The opportunity is for service providers to engage with Crayon by focusing on their own business and what they do best every single day. Stop pulling out your hair managing billing and reporting, take advantage of Crayon’s Cloud-iQ platform. Optimize what’s being used in your data centers, reduce costs, remain compliant, and stay out of jail by reducing the risks related to audits.

To learn more Crayon’s service provider partner programs, contact me at keith.keeler@crayon.com or call me at 603.686.2866.


Keith has a passion for helping customers and partners transform their business with cloud solutions. Keith brings 17 years of technology sales and channel development experience working at companies such as AT&T, FrontBridge Technologies, and more recently with Microsoft. While at Microsoft Keith helped launch Office 365 supporting Enterprise & Mid-Market partners and clients on their journey to the cloud. He also helped Service Providers go to market with Hosting and Cloud services built on the Microsoft Platform.