Simplifying licensing with Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise

Simplifying licensing with Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise

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Secure Productive Enterprise marks one more step in the journey to modernising licensing, making it easier for organisations to buy what they need from Microsoft. We look at how this solution makes licensing more simple for organisations while increasing security and productivity.

Simplifying licensing with Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise

Secure Productive Enterprise pulls together productivity, mobility and security in one easy-to-understand package. Organisations will appreciate not only the amount of value it brings, but also how it simplifies licensing arrangements. This solution also replaces its Enterprise Cloud Suite.

For employees, this licensing solution allows them to work on the go in a secure fashion, anywhere and from any device, regardless of the device or operating system.

Getting the right licenses in place

With Secure Productive Enterprise, organisations can license on a per user basis option that includes Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10 Enterprise. Secure Productive Enterprise Secure Productive Enterprise is available in two options, E3 and E5. These will be available through an Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Agreement Subscription, and Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA), as well as the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) for customers with cloud-only deployments.

This means that organisations have flexible licensing that helps them move to the cloud, while maintaining on premise capabilities. As such customers have the right to install, access and use Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business servers in dedicated environments without the need to buy any on-premise applications or server software. This protects existing investments for licensed users while embarking on their journey to the cloud.

It also includes one on-premises install of Office Professional Plus per user. This license helps customers address special line-of-business and mission critical situations that may otherwise effect their digital transformation journey.

With Office 365 E3 and E5, organisations gain Dual Access Rights. This enables access to a comparable on premise server in your own datacentre. The same is true for Enterprise Mobility + Security. The full subscription gives organisations the necessary access conditions for Windows Server Rights Management Service. This means that Secure Productive Enterprise not only grants usage rights for online services, but also the same rights for on-premise licenses, such as Office Professional Plus, Enterprise or Core CAL and Windows Enterprise.

Pure per-user licenses

One of the main benefits of Secure Productive Enterprise is that it enables organisations to move to a pure per-user licensing model for your entire platform EA and cloud services. This

means that organisations can save money by licensing users rather than devices. With most employees often using more than one device this is helpful – further simplifying license management by eliminating the process of counting devices.

What if an organisation is an existing Enterprise Cloud Suite customer?

If an organisation is already an Enterprise Cloud Suite customer, they are now a Secure Productive Enterprise E3 customer and consequently get Productivity Server Rights as a Secure Productive Enterprise benefit. In most cases, customers will not need to continue to buy additional server licenses. If an organisation is on an Enterprise Agreement at mid-term, they must pay for servers until renewal. With the Enterprise Agreement Subscription, organisations can “true-down” servers at anniversary.

It is important to note that if an organisation doesn’t standardise on Secure Productive Enterprise throughout the whole company, an organisation will still need to buy server licenses for users not licensed with the Secure Productive Enterprise subscription.

Overall, the changes made by Microsoft should result in a simpler approach to making sure organisations have access to technology they need to have a productive company that can securely embark on its digital transformation journey.

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