Server Subscriptions in CSP now available

Server Subscriptions in CSP now available

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What is being launched?

Microsoft has announced the immediate availability of Windows Server and SQL Server Subscriptions through CSP. Windows Server and SQL Server Subscriptions also include Azure Hybrid Benefits, enabling noteworthy savings on server software compared to pay-as-you-go rates. The Server Subscriptions, together with Azure Reserved VM Instances in the CSP program, better enable partners to address fast growing customer demand for more cost-effective solutions to support highly predictable, persistent cloud workloads.

What products are available?

Included in this set of offers are one- and three-year subscriptions to Windows Server Standard, SQL Server Standard, and SQL Server Enterprise along with the CAL´s. The subscriptions include Azure Hybrid Benefit, which entitle customers to use the software with Azure or on premises. These subscriptions represent a great cost savings opportunity compared to pay-as-you-go VM software costs for customers with long-term Azure workloads.

Note: Customers who have active Windows Server and SQL Server Software Assurance (SA) purchased via traditional licensing programs should utilise Azure Hybrid Benefit from those existing assets if possible instead of buying new Server subscriptions via CSP.

Are the Server Subscriptions available in my country?

The Server Subscriptions are currently available for all countries except Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, India, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Namibia, Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine.

How do CSP Server Subscriptions differ from VL options?





What is the minimum customer purchase commitment for Server subscriptions?

The minimum initial Windows Server subscription purchase is 16 cores, and cores are generally sold in blocks of 8. The minimum initial SQL Server subscription purchase is 4 cores, and cores are generally sold in blocks of 2.

When does the term of a newly purchased server subscription start?

The term begins immediately upon purchase. Partner or customer may then utilise Azure Hybrid Benefit with VMs or deploy on premises. If a customer wishes to use a Server subscription on prem, they may obtain software bits and keys from their partner.

All Server Subscriptions through CSP will have their own unique coverage period, i.e. not coterminous to any previous software subscription purchase.

 How will the partner be billed for Server subscription purchases?

The partner will receive the invoice for an up-front purchase of Server subscriptions as part of their monthly rhythm as with Azure RI.

Can Server subscriptions be returned or exchanged?

In alignment with CSP policy for software products, Server subscriptions may be returned within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. Partial returns are not allowed, and beyond the 60 days no returns or exchanges are allowed. Exchanges do not apply to Server subscriptions.

Next Step:

Ordering the Software licenses will be made available through the Cloud-iQ portal soon. If you have questions regarding the Server Subscriptions in CSP or have a customer that is interested in purchasing the Server Subscriptions through CSP, please reach out to your local Crayon contact who will be able to give you the needed info and work with you on completing the order and providing the License Key and Download Link.


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