SAM requires a structured framework if you want to reap the benefits

SAM requires a structured framework if you want to reap the benefits

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Having worked in the ITAM and SAM industry for over 15 years now I have seen organisations grow in their knowledge and maturity in terms of managing their IT infrastructure. Most organisations now understand that SAM tools, whilst important to help automate some of the processes are not the be all and end all.

Implementing SAM and ITAM also requires well trained, skilled people and effective policies and processes. At Crayon we have incorporated all of this in to our Crayon SAM Program.

Implementing an effective SAM Program enables you to:

Understand what you have, where it is and who is using it

Today businesses are almost entirely reliant on their IT systems and believe it or not many have no idea how many devices they are managing or what is running on them. This means there is no visibility of cost of ownership and no ability to optimise IT assets and minimise IT running costs.

Implementing an effective SAM program helps mitigate the waste involved in buying software you don’t really need as well as the risk of running unsupported or unlicensed software. Your entire organisation can run more efficiently when operational risk is managed effectively with SAM.

Negotiate from a position of knowledge 

SAM will improve your negotiating position with software vendors & resellers by enabling you to have a much better understanding of your current state and your future requirements, this gives you an advantage in future negotiations around software contracts.

Gaining the knowledge of the software your business uses and needs can enable you to buy in a variety of ways, that can result in letting you take advantage of spread payments and price benefits associated with higher volume purchases.

Maximise Volume licensing benefits and discounts

SAM provides you with a deeper level of understanding of the many different types of active agreements and contracts you have and importantly, the types of licences they provide you with. This in turn helps you to start to make important decisions on what the correct licence models are e.g. per core, per server, per user or per device.

Once you are armed with this information it opens up possibilities to examine different scenarios and combinations. You may for example be better off looking at different types of volume agreement over different time periods with fixed price points, it may be perpetual or perhaps on a subscription basis.

Your SAM databases and processes if implemented correctly, can provide the business with the intelligence required to make these informed decisions and this will save you money when it comes to true up or renewal time.

Achieve an advantageous market position

Up-to-date, accurate licensing and an extensive, comprehensive media library of all in use business software can result in faster, smarter and easier mergers and acquisitions. SAM can also support your business in obtaining key objectives including scaling up and scaling down to meet demand, resulting in a faster time-to-market due to streamlined software functionality and a thorough knowledge of your existing architectures, platforms and systems.

Budget and forecast IT spend accurately and optimally

An effective SAM program provides additional financial security by protecting you from unexpected licensing costs, non-compliance bills or fines, and provides clarity around expected software costs. You will be able for instance to consider the options for moving CapEx expenditure to OpEx expenditure which could free up cash for other investments that generate revenue and growth.

Eliminate waste

An essential part of any SAM program is software verification, rationalisation and optimisation, by identifying software that is not being used but is still being maintained. You can remove it and deploy it elsewhere within the business along with its associated licence.

Increase employee productivity

Software functioning as it should for the people who need it without the incidents and problems associated with unauthorised and unmanaged software will result in better overall employee satisfaction and will reduce unnecessary calls to the help desk. An effective centralised SAM program will also help minimise individual training requirements for managers and lower the costs associated with it.

Mitigate operational, legal & financial risk

An effective SAM program assists in providing business continuity, limits your legal liability and helps prevent any potential damage to your brand and reputation that could arise from a resulting lawsuit due to non compliance.

Plan for the future

SAM provides an insight into your current and future software and technology needs. You will have the ability to plan your strategic business objectives based accurate data and effectively deploy the required technology to maximise efficiency and optimise costs. SAM enables organisations to understand the impact of moving from an on premise IT platform to cloud base solutions and from physical environments to virtualised environments.

Provide Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance requires the chief executive and chief financial officers of public companies to attest to the accuracy of financial reports and requires public companies to establish adequate internal controls over financial reporting.

Well-governed IT departments recognise that the adoption of formal policies and procedures enables them to help their corporation meet many of the requirements. Embarking on a Software Asset Management (SAM) Program identifies these rigorous policies and procedures that have been prescribed by international authorities such as Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT), IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000,

Finally, a SAM Program implemented effectively will help you plan, implement, maintain and optimise your Software assets on an ongoing basis. Crayon has a unique SAM program (CSP) now available in 8 languages and over 20 countries worldwide.

Phil is the Products & Services Director at Crayon and has been an integral part of the Senior Management team for over 10 years, having joined the business in 2005. With over 20 years of ITAM experience, Phil is credited with being the original architect of the Crayon SAM-iQ platform.