Should SAM be employed to migrate your business to the cloud?

Should SAM be employed to migrate your business to the cloud?

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Often the migration of a business’s software to a cloud space is done haphazardly, and could cost businesses millions in revenue if not done by professionals. Software asset management fills that gap.

If software asset management sounds like another post Y2K job title that no one has any idea of, and the description on the internet leaves you baffled after the first few sentences, it is vital for the purpose of this dynamic function to be explained. If the whole migration exercise leaves you dumbfounded as well, then this is a good read for you.

Moving your software to the cloud: Anyone vs Software Asset Management

To illustrate this, we will use a very basic example. Your business can be described as a physical house, and the move to the cloud can be described as the actual act of moving house. Before you start packing, you need to work out how much stuff you have actually got, how many removal vans or trucks are you going to need?

You also need to start looking at the hoarders in your family, starting the clear out. You don’t want to move into your new home with the clutter that you had previously. Once you have sorted your clear out and you know exactly what you want to move, then you turn your focus to the removal companies, there are certain things in your home you wouldn’t want just anyone to move, for instance, family heirlooms and valuable paintings. Jewellery and antiques that can never be replaced. The very heart of your family heritage. If you are unable to make the move yourself, there is a very small chance of you actually asking every person that walks by on the street to help you move, in fear that these precious items could get damaged, lost or stolen.

Also, for you to make the move yourself, it might take you days, if not weeks to drive between your new secure premises, and your old home.

The very same applies to your business software. When you are in the process of moving your software to the cloud, it is most certainly not a good idea, unless you have absolute knowledge in the field, to attempt this yourself. This is vital, as the future of your business may depend on it. You will need professionals who are well versed in this field, as well as have a good, sound reputation. This is where software asset management comes in.

What will Software Asset Management achieve?

There is a basic fundamental principle that is employed to ensure this is facilitated properly, and that principle is ensuring the right systems are in place. With the right systems in place, the move will not only happen smoothly, and swiftly, but the following aspects will be an added bonus:

  • Software Asset Management will save the business money by ensuring that cost effective measures are employed for the move to take place
  • It takes care of employee efficiencies, which is crucial not only during the move, but after as well
  • They ensure that all the safety and security measures are put in place, not only on the cloud, but also in terms of the transition
  • The actual move of the software is a very intricate process, and even the slightest error could jeopardize your information, client base confidentiality as well as other vital software information.
  • By understanding your current assets, how they are accessed, controlled and utilised will allow you to prepare for the cloud. Understanding what can move to the cloud and when.

In order to achieve an effective cloud solution, you need to understand your assets, leverage the cloud today, leverage the Software Experts. Crayon.

For more information on how The Software Experts can help you, speak to your local Crayon office.


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