IT & SAM Conference 2017

IT & SAM Conference 2017

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The integration of SAM in your organisation

Software Asset Management (SAM) is not and should not be treated as a separate department within an organisation. The SAM Manager should always be involved at the early stages and consulted when purchasing software packages, so that they can manage, monitor and advise.

Do you recognise this and the daily operational challenges? How about the tactical and strategic processes? If not, join us for the annual IT & SAM Congress!

What will you learn?
During the Congress we share best practices and insights on how you can strategically integrate SAM within your organisation. SAM is more than a department or person; SAM is the connecting factor, the centipede as a spider in the web.

Hear from experts on:
– How to position SAM within the Organisation?
– How do you make sure that SAM is an integral part of the IT and AO processes?
– How to generate and create your reports?
– How can you improve SAM?
– How can you get the most from SAM tools and what are the new developments to watch out for?
– How to connect your tooling to your contract. Know what you should measure!
– How do you deal with the main purpose of the Internet and various audits?
– What does the ‘cloud’ mean for SAM? Is this the end for SAM?
– What is the effect of IoT on SAM?

Who should attend?
This conference focuses on a high-quality audience of end users (managers, senior specialists, heavy influencers and/or (co-) decision makers in the DMU) that want to stay informed of current trends and developments in the field of IT & Software Asset Management.

Typically these are:
– It Asset Manager/Manager IT Management
– Senior IT Management/Senior IT Asset Employee/IT Asset Advisor
– IT Asset Employee/IT Asset Specialist
– Software Asset Manager/Software License Manager
– Software Asset Specialist/Software Licensing Specialist
– Controller
– Manager/Head of Purchasing/Purchase Manager
– Director of Procurement/Purchase Director
– Contract Manager
– Project manager/leader/Coordinator Purchasing
– IT Manager/Chief Information Officer/Team Leader IT

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