The Mutli-cloud Trend – looking after more than one cloud

The Mutli-cloud Trend – looking after more than one cloud

Having several clouds can make hard work for IT departments. Find out what Richard Lockey, UK General Manager told CloudPro on the matter. 

Choice is key for customers looking for the best solution for their organisation, as well as for providers having the choice of services on offer.The Cloud has become a dominant force in IT infrastructure, but we are now seeing organisations adopt different services and several applications from multiple cloud providers. As the strength and depth of services they offer grows and matures, customers are able to choose the best of breed for each and every use case. This emerging trend is known as known as multi-cloud and dealing with multiple cloud environments poses a series of challenges.

“Commercially, managing multiple providers and getting the best value for money is no different to any other multi-source strategy, but it goes without saying that the fewer you have the simpler this task becomes – as long as you have the right provider of course,” says Richard Lockey, UK country manager at cloud consultancy Crayon.

“Finding an intermediary to manage the platforms on your behalf may also be a viable option. One of the biggest challenges when deploying a multi-cloud strategy will be managing the security implications with data held in multiple locations and traversing multiple networks. So, a solid security policy and the implementation of this is critical,” he adds.

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