Navigating Your Perfect Path to the Cloud

Navigating Your Perfect Path to the Cloud

The EA – A Perfect Start Point on Your Journey to the Cloud?

In a recent survey over 69% of enterprises agreed that implementing a hybrid cloud strategy was a priority in 2015. However with the Cloud offering so many opportunities for cost savings and efficiency gains, why aren’t more businesses making their entire software licensing Cloud-based?  The truth is, it’s not as straight forward as that. Most businesses are likely to have at least some of their software on premise and switching over completely to Cloud-based services requires a degree of planning rather than just flicking a switch.

Common challenges for companies with a hybrid licensing estate include:

  • Reconciling costs with a mixture of payment schedules
  • Comparing value for money across licensing types
  • Understanding the terms, conditions and entitlements attached to on-premise licensing when making a decision on Cloud Incorrect licensing

In this NEW white paper we explore how Microsoft has made an early move to make things easier for enterprises that wish to embrace a hybrid environment, and help you consider the steps you need to take if you’re going to maximise this opportunity. You may be surprised to learn that the summit of straightforward licensing could finally be in sight.

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