Microsoft Business Update

Microsoft Business Update

Business Apps:

The Microsoft Business Apps add-on for the Office 365 E3 and E5 subscriptions has now been launched. This is a free add-on subscription for users with the E3 and E5 plans that can be ordered through the Cloud-iQ portal. The recently introduced Office 365 business apps are designed to enable companies to run and grow their business with convenience and efficiency. Microsoft Bookings is the first app to be available and over time additional Office 365 business apps will become available.

Price Change:

There was an update for the March pricelist where the price for Microsoft 365 E3 and Microsoft 365 E5 was decreased by around 6%. Updated pricing visible in Cloud-iQ.

Microsoft 365 E3: Old ERP 31,50 EUR     New ERP 29,50 EUR
Microsoft 365 E5: Old ERP 58,10 EUR     New ERP 54,70 EUR

Common Area Phone:

From March 1st Skype for Business Common Area Phone offer has been made available in the Cloud-iQ portal. This new offer will allow customers with phone devices not assigned to users and used in areas such as reception areas, break rooms, shop floors or conference rooms to purchase just one offer in order to enable those devices with the ability to make/ receive calls. This offer is intended to provide customers the flexibility to license all calling devices in an Enterprise appropriately and compliantly without over licensing.


Microsoft 365 Business has been added as a Trial SKU available now through Cloud-iQ, offering 25 licenses for a 30 day free trial.

Non-profit Offers:

In early April, Microsoft will open up the non-profit offers through the CSP program. Customers interested in purchasing the non-profit offers must have a validated non-profit Office 365 Tenant; validation for these tenants can be made directly through Microsoft If you are interested in offering non-profit subscriptions to your customers, contact your local Crayon office.

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