Master the Complexities of License Management Outsourcing

Master the Complexities of License Management Outsourcing

Avoid the common errors of outsourced license management. Download this new FREE whitepaper today from the head of the International SAM Institute.

With the acceleration to multi-platform environments and the drive to optimise the significant potential OPEX and CAPEX benefits of the cloud, should more enterprises be seeking expert outsourcing support to help manage the dramatically increased complexities of their software licensing environments, to both save money and ensure they remain compliant with their publisher agreements?

“The focus of most IT outsourcing is arguably on hardware and personnel, with many outsourcing deals being structured primarily to reduce capital investment and staff costs. Organizations generally do not go into outsourcing deals to save money on software or to help manage their compliance, even though these could be some of the biggest benefits to the enterprise” Frank Tijhuis, Principle of International SAM Institute

License Management Outsourcing can be one of the most complicated areas of IT outsourcing but can also be one of the most productive for the modern enterprise. Learn how it impacts the IAITAM 12 Key Process Areas and the imperative of a comprehensive understanding of a controlled software estate prior to negotiating your outsourcing agreement.

Download this FREE whitepaper today from Frank Tijhuis, the Principle of the International SAM Institute.

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