Installing ILMT

Installing ILMT

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Is ILMT mandatory for Sub-capacity licensing?


Unless you qualify for one of the stated contractual exceptions, ILMT is a mandatory requirement.

The 4 exceptions are:

  • When ILMT does not yet provide support for the Eligible Sub-Capacity Product,
  • If Client’s Enterprise has fewer than 1,000 employees and contractors, Client is not a Service Provider, and Client has not contracted with a Service Provider to manage Client’s environment in which Eligible Products are deployed,
  • If the total physical capacity of Client’s Enterprise servers measured on a full capacity basis, but licensed under Sub-Capacity terms is less than 1,000 PVUs, or
  • When Client’s servers are licensed to full capacity.

Bigfix Inventory – Alternative to ILMT

IBM BigFix Inventory may be used in lieu of ILMT in cases where you wish to monitor a wider selection of vendors.  ILMT only reports on IBM Sub Capacity eligible products.  Inventory can monitor over 10,000 different vendors and more than 40,000 products, providing a lot more flexibility within your business and allowing your SAM team to ensure compliance across more than one vendor.

With IBM BigFix Inventory, you can maintain an up-to-date inventory of software assets that are installed in your entire infrastructure, gather information about your hardware, and ensure license compliance of your enterprise. You will also remain compliant because Inventory also produces the Audit Schedule required by IBM for compliance purposes.

The Licensing Specialist offer a SAM Managed Service which covers all aspects of Bigfix, ILMT & Inventory installation, quarterly internal audits and risk management.

How long do customers have to install ILMT?

As part of the Client’s Reporting Responsibilities in the IPAA, IBM stipulate that for Sub-Capacity usage of eligible products, the Client agrees to install and configure the most current version of IBM’s license metric tool (ILMT) within 90 days of Client’s first Sub-Capacity based Eligible Sub-Capacity Product deployment, to promptly install any updates to ILMT that are made available, and to collect deployment data for each such EP.

Installing ILMT

Since ILMT v7.5 went end of life in April 2017 it is now essential under IBM’s terms to be on the latest version of ILMT and keep all components up to date.  This means performing regular updates on agents, PVU tables, scans, software catalogs etc and producing at least a quarterly audit schedule from ILMT which IBM may request to see at any time.

These updates usually involve using Bigfix (the platform on which ILMT/Inventory sits) to upgrade the agents (old agents can affect scan data), ensure that the product numbers are correct and if any new products are purchased, these must be added to ILMT.  It also means that all configuration of software and licensing should be understood and corrected on ILMT for reporting purposes.

Failure to update any of these elements could mean that you are reporting incorrectly and may end up paying more than you need to for usage and renewals.

Existing ILMT Users

Existing sub-capacity customers should promptly upgrade to new versions, releases or modifications when they are made available as per the terms of the IPAA.

The Licensing Specialist offer a SAM Managed Service which covers all aspects of installing Bigfix, ILMT and Inventory as well as producing quarterly internal audits and highlighting areas for risk management.


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