Desktop Hosting Webinars

Desktop Hosting Webinars

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Microsoft are running a series of webinars that are topic specific training for their SPLA reseller channel. The purpose of these trainings are to help you as a reseller to pitch topic specific conversations with your end customers. This webinar is about how to address “Hosted desktop”.

Typical end customers for desktop hosting offers are not focused on having a desktop but rather access to their many applications – both business and personal – and their data on any device. According to AMI data in 2013 businesses need email, accounting, and productivity suites such as Office as their top three applications. The other critical applications are line-of-business applications for the specific vertical as well as custom LOB applications.

Often these applications are “legacy” applications that have been used for years across multiple operating systems and hosting providers have a unique market opportunity to provide fully-managed, cloud hosted applications.

Additionally delivering a suite of application drives higher margins and revenue per user for the service provider.


Michael Høegh Vilain, VP, leading the Hosting business for Crayon Group Worldwide. Worked in the IT industry all of my professional career +27 years. I have worked for IBM (10) , Microsoft(15) and now Crayon (2) . I have worked with ISV, SI, Distributors, End Customers and now with Service Providers. Primary roles always within Sales and Marketing.


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