DAY 3: Diary of a Cloud Manager

DAY 3: Diary of a Cloud Manager

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We asked a Cloud Manager to keep a diary of his typical week. The opportunities, the threats, the opportunities for threats, the highs, the lows and the scary things they never warn you about on training courses...

Dave Docker_Hapless Plc

Incident Two: Friday afternoon.   I’ll need this weekend to recover.

Severity of impact: Double vision. Some loss of memory.

Fiscal impact: A series of monthly payments that we’re unable to get out of.

Career Impact: (See last entry and add one increment of trauma.)

Emotional Impact: Now suffering from Finance Director Phobia.

Incident details: Rashly taught one of my staff how to set up a virtual machine. Billing mistake.  Huge. As Nietsche once said: “When all you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like nail.” The same applies to cloud tools. When all you know is how to make virtual machines, mass production seems like a good idea at the time.

Lesson learned: If you teach your cloud managing protégé only one thing, do not teach them how to create multiple machines, which need multiple licenses. I think he thought he was feeding the five thousand end users, with five servers and two keyboards. In a way he has put food on 5000 tables. But they all belong to one software vendor. My protégé has created 5000 software licenses that we now have to pay for.

Diagnosis: My assistant seems to be suffering from Messiah Syndrome. Meanwhile, I’ve taken another hit of concussion.

IT Manager at Hapless Plc. I was headhunted here on the back of my experience in IT project management at SUIL. Hapless has over 700 employees, with an array of IT requirements; from admin heavy users through to data heavy designers. The company is very tech focused, with senior staff liking to stay abreast of the latest IT trends; currently being asked a lot about "Flash" ;-) GIVE ME STRENGTH! I report to the IT director. I am enjoying the larger environment and increased responsibility. Looking forward to the next project!