DAY 12: Diary of a Cloud Manager

DAY 12: Diary of a Cloud Manager

There’s bad feedback on my presentation, to be honest.

JOUR 12 : Journal d'un Cloud manager

I’ve had to re-think my presentation. As you recall, they told me to be honest about my department because audiences like authenticity. But not too honest. I like sincerity and years ago I learned how to fake it, so I’ve got it made.

Here’s some raw thoughts, that can be sanitised later. Let me know what you think. In an earlier slide, I outlined how the telecoms manager likes to adopt a ‘beat the Friday traffic’ strategy, being an early adopter of the pub environment, with a Go to Bar attitude and a Get Served First agenda.

I think people will like that attitude. Although they (the people that sabotaged my first draft) don’t seem to agree. These are probably the same types that are stuck at work on Friday afternoon on ‘conference calls’ to some overseas client in a different time zone. (Yeah, you know the ones. You’ve probably got some like that at your place of work. They’re especially common in all these ‘disruptive start ups’ you meet drinking fruit juice in the bar at lunchtime at conferences! I hate disruption. If I can’t find my calculator I go mad!).

Here’s some material for some more slides.

“My strategy is based on an Integrated Gin and Tonic solution. My speech patterns, encrypted by a foundation of Heineken containers, are rendered incoherent to unfamiliar audiences.”

“New chip developments drive my communications strategy. If I want the entire company to meet in one place, I bring a bag of chips back to the office on Friday lunchtime. Sometimes, this flushes out people I didn’t even know existed.”

Yes, the presentation looks to be shaping up. By the time I’ve finished it, people are going to understand the work of the PBX manager much better.

IT Manager at Hapless Plc. I was headhunted here on the back of my experience in IT project management at SUIL. Hapless has over 700 employees, with an array of IT requirements; from admin heavy users through to data heavy designers. The company is very tech focused, with senior staff liking to stay abreast of the latest IT trends; currently being asked a lot about "Flash" ;-) GIVE ME STRENGTH! I report to the IT director. I am enjoying the larger environment and increased responsibility. Looking forward to the next project!