Crayon Wins Microsoft Operations Excellence Gold Award

Crayon Wins Microsoft Operations Excellence Gold Award

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Crayon Wins Microsoft Operations Excellence Gold Award

Crayon has just been selected by Microsoft as one the of top six partners for Operations Excellence. Microsoft evaluates partners by many different operational criteria – everything from internal adoption of Microsoft tools to operating on a purely digital submission platform. Crayon has shown continuous motivation to drive improvements within the Crayon business as well as Microsoft’s and was recently awarded this prestigious Gold status.

Crayon US CFO, Ken Pharr, stated: “This tells our customers that we are committed to driving customer satisfaction through operational excellence. We are pleased to have received this award to show that we are a well-respected member of the Microsoft LSP Community.”

The Crayon global leadership team has long been focused on sustainable improvement of key performance metrics and this has flowed through to US operations.  Through the strategic use of a variety of principles, systems, and tools, Crayon continues to build upon the foundation of continuous improvement methodologies that are consistent throughout global operations.  The process focuses on creating a positive and empowered environment for employees, continually improving the current operational activities, and ultimately meeting the needs of customers – in many cases above and beyond expected outcomes.

“The efforts throughout the organization are in a state of alignment for achieving continued excellence as a Microsoft Partner in 2016 and beyond,” said Greg Landry, Microsoft Business Desk Manager at Crayon. “And although we believe our operational excellence to be a pillar of our success, we also focus on offering a unique range of customer services around Software Asset Management to meet the differing needs of our customers. Problem solving and teamwork is critical to our success and we have the unique people to support our well-rounded state of operational excellence. ”

Lesly Kenney holds an MBA from the University of Redlands. She is a Qualified Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) Facilitator as well as a Certified Online Instructor in the Colorado Community College system. Lesly is an Enterprise Social evangelist and she thrives on finding the creative hook that fosters a culture of innovation, productivity, and collaboration through the use of technology.