Crayon Contributes: Supporting the Youth of America

Crayon Contributes: Supporting the Youth of America

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At Crayon, we believe in supporting the wider community through thoughtful and purposeful contribution to organizations that are close to the hearts of our employees.  Frank Bitoun, Senior Vice President of Crayon Americas, has recently pledged to serve as a mentor and volunteer to donate time and knowledge to assist StandUp for Kids in the Youth Entrepreneur Academy, which allows youth participants to own and operate fully-formed and functioning businesses through a 30-week class.

The Youth Entrepreneur Academy is a life-changing program that positively impacts the entire community by helping members transform their ideas into tangible enterprises that create economic and social value for a better world. Crayon US is proud to assist in fostering the entrepreneurial mindset in young people and to help develop the character of tomorrow’s leaders and helping them transition successfully into adulthood.

StandUp for Kids organization serves unaccompanied homeless youth through their 25th birthday in an effort to help end the cycle of youth homelessness. Volunteer teams build trust and become a consistent resource to stabilize and otherwise help those youth who are often ignored by the rest of society.

Read the full press release here.

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