Why should enterprises consider Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise E5?

Why should enterprises consider Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise E5?

Bringing together Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10 Enterprise into one package could pay dividends for your organisation’s security and productivity. We look at why you should consider this option.

Why should enterprises consider Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise E5?

It has become a common phrase for many organisations that they need to do less with more. This is definitely true when it comes to security. Many organisations face budget squeezes but still need to make sure that they are properly secured against all types of threats.

They are also expected to increase productivity and Microsoft’s Secure Productive Enterprise E5 combines the productivity of Office and Windows with world-leading security features.

The combination of Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and the Enterprise Mobility + Security suite will enable employees not only to achieve better productivity, but also improve collaboration, mobility and business insights within a secure framework.

For enterprises, Secure Productive Enterprise further simplifies your licensing options while delivering more value. It builds on the simplification of licensing when Enterprise Cloud Suite was launched a few years ago. Secure Productive Enterprise brings Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and the Enterprise Mobility + Security suite into a single licensing offering, replacing Enterprise Cloud Suite.

This means that as well as a range of productivity tools, the license also gives organisations cutting edge security technology including Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (for endpoint breach detection), Microsoft Cloud App Security (for monitoring employee SaaS usage), and Azure Information Protection (to control information flow around and outside your company). It also features Office 365 Advanced Security Management to provide a view of your Office 365 environment.

There are also cloud-based technologies such as Office 365 Delve Analytics and Microsoft Power BI for analytics and visualisation. Skype for Business PSTN conferencing and Cloud PBX, brings voice communications to the cloud, while Office 365 Advanced e-Discovery allows organisations to find information easily and without friction.

Name changes

As well as simplifying licensing options, Microsoft has standardised packaging offerings across Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise and the Enterprise Mobility + Security suite.

Windows 10 Enterprise gets renamed Windows 10 Enterprise E5 and will include Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

Enterprise Mobility + Security is the new name for what was previously called Enterprise Mobility Suite. The reason behind this is that the suite now offers the increased security that organisations crave. Enterprise Mobility and Security E5 will include advanced security capabilities such as; Azure Active Directory Premium P2 (which offers all the capabilities in Azure AD Premium P1, as well as the new Identity Protection and Privileged Identity Management capabilities); Azure Information Protection Premium P2 (which builds on Azure Information Protection Premium P1 and adds automatic classification, on top of the manual classification, labelling and everything else included in P1); and Microsoft Cloud App Security.

Secure Productive Enterprise E5 is available now that the new Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security functionality has all been released.

Move to the cloud

It should be noted that Secure Productive Enterprise is Microsoft’s way of easing organisations into consuming cloud services, while maintaining access to on-premise application services (like Exchange, SharePoint or Skype for Business), and allowing organisations to have traditional installations without having to pay simultaneously for on premise software and cloud. This means that organisations can move to the cloud by leveraging existing software investments.

It also means that organisations have a much simpler way of licensing and using the technology they need to operate productive and secure infrastructure to move ahead with their digital transformation projects.

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