At the end of October 2014, the following changes will be made to the vCloud Air Netowrk (formerly VSPP) program requirements:

1. Professional level: the 1 VCP requirement will change to 1 VSP-CP and VOP-CP

For new partners enrolling in VPN and declaring route to market as Service Provider, theyMUST achieve the x2 accreditations PRIOR to signing a contract with an Aggregator. Please see the attached training for a step by step overview of the enrolment process.

There will be NO MORE exceptions starting October 10.

Note: Please ensure ALL  new partners are attaining the VSP-CP and VOP-CP so that they can easily progress and sign a contract.

2. Enterprise level: the Hybrid Cloud Powered (formerly vCloud Powered) badge will no longer be a requirement

  • This requirement was added earlier this year but this is a dynamic business so we’ve decided to remove this requirement. The Hybrid Cloud Powered badge is STILL a requirement at the Premier level.

As many of you will be already aware the VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) is being rebranded the VMware vCloud Air Network Program. Program documents will be updated with this new program name as they are refreshed. Within Partner Central are the following updated program documents:

  • VMware vCloud Air Network Program Guide  (Look at Partner Central)
  • VMware vCloud Air Network Program Overview  (look at Partner Central)

If you have a question, please feel free to contact your Crayon account team.

Michael Høegh Vilain, VP, leading the Hosting business for Crayon Group Worldwide. Worked in the IT industry all of my professional career +27 years. I have worked for IBM (10) , Microsoft(15) and now Crayon (2) . I have worked with ISV, SI, Distributors, End Customers and now with Service Providers. Primary roles always within Sales and Marketing.


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