Azure Pricing Option 4: Microsoft Azure MPSA

Azure Pricing Option 4: Microsoft Azure MPSA

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Option 4: Microsoft Azure MPSA

MPSA is a higher level agreement that can be purchased only through select Microsoft Partners. This is an evergreen agreement and does not require minimum spend for Azure. Customers pay for actual usage of consumption services, quarterly in arrears. User licensed services are purchased in the same way as Online Services such as Office 365


  • Same agreement for Azure, online subscriptions such as Office 365, Volume Licenses, and on-premises transaction licenses.
  • Access to Azure Enterprise Portal
  • No minimum requirement
  • Pay quarterly in arrears
  • Create as many purchasing accounts as you need to allow for better monitoring of Azure consumption.


  • You do not get to be on the Managed Account List (MAL) for Microsoft and do not have a Microsoft rep assigned to you (even if your spending exceeds $12,000 per year)
  • Partner owns the pricing and you will be invoiced by the Partner and not Microsoft

Accurately predicting your Azure spend can be a complex exercise. At Crayon we can help you not only determine what your spend might be going forward, but also prevent you from choosing and option that will limit your ability to maximize ROI in the future.

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