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Nima Gharib

Nima Gharib is a Senior Cloud Deployment Consultant at Crayon. His focus is mainly on cloud and hybrid-infrastructure, but fret not, he is also a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert on Windows Server 2012, among other certifications. The areas that interest him are Identity, Productivity and Mobile Device Management. Coming from a programmer-background, Nima is also a big fan of Powershell. If it can be done in Powershell it will be!

Moving to a new Office 365 tenant – Step by Step


Today we are going to look at Step by Step Office 365 to Office 365 E-mail migration. This is not as straightforward as one would wish. When you first register a domain to an Azure Tenant, you cannot register it in another Tenant. This is understandable from a logical standpoint, but who better than Microsoft to make tools for you to easily move to a new tenant? Apparently, even Microsoft advises you to use third party tools.

As stated in the article, there are some steps, and there will be downtime. Not long downtime, but be sure to be prepared.

Also, if you’re an incredibly small company, you could always do PST-migration. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re above 10 users, it takes time and is a hassle. 

Let’s get started!