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IntelZone is the Group’s New and Ambitious End-to-End IoT Analytics Solution

Oslo, Norway – October 16th 2017 – Today Crayon Group announced the launch of a new initiative called IntelZone, an IoT (Internet of Things) end-to-end consulting services practice. The newest addition to the Group will focus initially on the Nordic market with additional planned expansion to support the Group’s wider business across EMEA. IntelZone will provide expert solutions for consultancy services, advisory services, technical implementation, and IT services with specific respect to the booming IoT market.

“The market opportunity for IoT solutions has been through a huge maturity evolution in the last couple of years. By 2020 it is estimated that there will be 29 billion connected devices worldwide, and 80% of consumer interactions will feature the use IoT, big data and advanced analytics” explained Erling Hesselberg, a spokesman for Crayon Group.

“The technology has now matured to a point where global enterprise is increasingly leveraging the opportunities presented by IoT to increase the value of their business offering to customers, increasing satisfaction whilst simultaneously reducing costs. IntelZone is a new, specialist technical practice that is going to help customers effectively introduce IoT into their processes and optimise their return on the investment.”

IntelZone’s Sensor Experts, Data Analysts and IoT Advisors will be working with other experts across Crayon’s technical Cloud, Mobility & Collaboration, Security, Machine Learning & SAM practices to provide customers with holistic solutions to leverage IoT and to benefit from Crayon Group’s strong reputation as the global software and cloud experts.

About Crayon Group: Crayon are experts at optimising client ROI from complex technology and a global leader in Software Asset Management (SAM), cloud and volume licensing, and associated consulting services. The company is headquartered in Oslo with over 1,000 employees working in offices worldwide. For more information, please visit Crayon’s website.

About IntelZone: IntelZone is the specialist IoT practice within Crayon Group in delivering complete solutions and consulting for the Internet of Things (IoT). For more information, please visit IntelZone’s website.

Having made its intentions to float on the Oslo Stock Exchange clear, Crayon's CEOs reveal what the move means for the future of its business

Crayon IPO: A return to the public stage
This means that when Crayon returns to make its listing on Oslo Børs it will be ‘as a NOK 6.02bn-turnover giant’.

“The strategy has worked,” said Syversen, speaking to Channelnomics Europe. “We are better positioned than ever before, we have developed our own IP in the last few years, and we have a platform to take part in the consolidation of the market which we believe will happen in this space.”

Joint CEO, Takle, told Budd that the IPO would help Crayon increase its financial flexibility, taking its M&A strategy “to the next level”, particularly honing in on software outfits boasting their own IP.
Crayon also disclosed, along with its IPO filing, that it intends to put aside NOK 300m which will partly go towards further growth.

“Economy of scale is super important, and we have a platform that can consolidate smaller local players who will either diminish over time or eventually be de-authorised by the big vendors,” explained Syversen.

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Software specialist to conduct offering of new shares to raise NOK 300m (€32m)

Crayon to IPO on Oslo Stock Exchange

Channelnomics EU has reported news of our intention to launch an IPO on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

As Josh Budd explains, ‘The Norwegian firm’s investor, equity house Norvestor, intends to shrink its ownership of Crayon through a secondary sale of its shares as part of the IPO, but plans to remain a shareholder once the IPO has completed.’

This, he says, will see Crayon conducting ‘an offering of new shares’ and ‘raising gross proceeds of around NOK 300m (€32m) in order to fuel its growth strategy, which will likely include M&A’.

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We asked a Cloud Manager to keep a diary of his typical week. The opportunities, the threats, the opportunities for threats, the highs, the lows and the scary things they never warn you about on training courses...

Incident Three

Time: Saturday afternoon: Yes, that’s right: bank holiday short straw…I’ll keep it brief.

Severity of Injury: Bent ear, followed by constant ringing

Fiscal Impact: Minimal

Career impact: Lost a department.

Emotional Impact: Trembling ganglions. Trauma. Tendency to burst into tears.

Incident details: Incident caused by communications standards clash. Head of Research said: I want to upgrade our storage to Flash. I said (with a tinge of sarcasm that he obviously missed): “Wouldn’t that be nice?” He took that to mean, “Go ahead, I’ll sign it off and if anything goes wrong, I’ve got your backup.” Which, needless to say, is my word against this. But whom are they going to believe? Like the flash itself, he’s very fast, he’s hard and he has a volatile memory. Injury took place as I realised I was being pulled out of a meeting for an emergency summit with Purchase Ledger.

Extent of Damage: Reputation trashed.

Lessons Learned: Gained new insights into the head of R&D.

Diagnosis: Budget trauma. Severe stretching of the truth.




Deal sees the global software experts providing enhanced support for ISPs, Telcos and Hosting firms to optimise the sales and support for Microsoft cloud technologies

Crayon, the global leader in software asset management (SAM), cloud and volume licensing, and associated consulting services, has been appointed as a European Cloud Distribution Partner in Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program.

Participation in the CSP program is designed to help strengthen customer relationships and expand cloud sales opportunities by enabling channel partners to provision, manage and support Microsoft’s Cloud offerings like Office 365 and Windows Intune.

As a result, Crayon will be providing enhanced support to enable accelerated sales and deployment of Microsoft Office 365, Windows Intune and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) subscriptions through Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Telecommunications Providers (Telcos) and Web Hosting firms. Crayon’s offer will support these service providers throughout the customer sales, deployment and support lifecycle, enabling efficient provisioning, billing and help desk facilities to end user customers, thereby enhancing market reach for Microsoft Cloud Technology. Furthermore, as a Cloud Distributor, Crayon can help any IT or channel partner move their offers and services to Microsoft Cloud.

Crayon’s selection reflects the depth of experience it has around cloud migration and licensing within its business today. As a Microsoft top three global Services Provider License Agreement Reseller (SPLAR), Crayon has a proven track record in managing Cloud and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partners. In addition, Crayon’s track record in Software Asset Management means that service providers will benefit from proven in depth expertise at optimising, managing and provisioning complex IT estates on their journey to the cloud.

By leveraging Crayon SAM & managed services, partners are able to quickly convert sales on Microsoft Cloud Technology products revitalising their sales portfolio to address the growing enterprise trend to selectively outsource elements of their IT infrastructure. Specifically, Crayon can now provide unique fully managed services delivered from Microsoft Cloud.

Michael Høegh Vilain, Crayon VP Cloud & Service Providers, explains, “As we move through 2015 we look forward to working with service providers to educate and introduce more businesses to the possibilities afforded by Microsoft’s cloud technology. Our rich vein of history in software asset management, volume licensing and cloud service provider expertise means we are uniquely placed when it comes to helping businesses to optimise their IT estate on the journey to cloud.”

For more information about Crayon’s participation in the Microsoft CSP program please contact your local team or visit:

Simpana software solutions added to Crayon’s service provider licensing portfolio

CommVault has announced that its data management platform, Simpana, will be available via EMEA cloud hosting partners through a new strategic aggregator partnership with Crayon.

Under the partnership, CommVault’s industry leading software platform will be integrated into Crayon’s portfolio of leased software solutions for EMEA-based cloud hosting service providers.

With a history of helping companies more effectively manage software licensing, Crayon’s strategy is to identify ways in which IT requirements in large organisations can be met more cost effectively. Working with some of the world’s largest enterprise vendors, Crayon manages software licensing under ‘Frame Agreements’ — also known as XSP agreements — allowing hosting service providers to license software on a monthly basis from Crayon, saving them money and time. Crayon has a Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) with Microsoft, Citrix (CSP) and VMware (VSPP), and is also one of the top three Microsoft SPLA partners globally.

CommVault’s Simpana solution enables data-driven organisations to analyse, replicate, protect, archive, and search their data through a single, easy to use platform. It helps businesses manage data as a true strategic asset. Combined with CommVault’s award-winning Microsoft Technology partner status, the addition of Simpana is an ideal fit for Crayon’s service provider licensing portfolio.

“Crayon’s focus on helping its customers get the best return of investment for the intelligent provision of IT services is perfectly aligned with CommVault’s core values, making it an ideal partner for us,” says Ankush Korla, Vice President Channel Sales EMEA at CommVault. “Through this strategic alliance, Crayon’s EMEA cloud and hosting service provider customers will benefit from our industry leading Simpana software solutions, whilst CommVault can work with Crayon’s existing customer base to expand its presence amongst the growing service provider market in the EMEA region.”

“CommVault’s excellent product portfolio and close integration with Microsoft platforms makes it a perfect partner for Crayon,” adds Michael Høegh Vilain, VP xSP Licensing & Hosting Services, Crayon. “The addition of Simpana to our portfolio allows us to deliver an industry leading data management solution to our cloud hosting customers which can be easily integrated with their current systems. We are excited to be CommVault’s first partner of this nature in EMEA and look forward to working closely together.”