In this article we will look at how to resolve the issue of missing Agent, Traps and Security tabs for the SNMP ServiceĀ  in the Services MMC-snapin.

After installing the SNMP Service, you might experience that only the following tabs is available:


In order for the SNMP management-tabs to show, the Remote Server and Administration Tools feature SNMP Tools must also be installed.

Two possible ways to install the SNMP Tools is to leverage either Server Manager or the ServerManager PowerShell module.

Here is an example on how to perform the task using the ServerManager PowerShell module.

After re-opening the Services MMC-snapin, the missing tabs should be visible.

Bonus tip: PowerShell MVP Fabien Dibot has created a PowerShell Desired State Configuration Resource for configuring the SNMP Service, available here.

Here is an example configuration showing how to leverage the Resource:

Jan Egil Ring works as a Lead Architect on the Infrastructure Team at Crayon, Norway. He mainly works with Microsoft server-products and has a strong passion for Windows PowerShell. In addition to being a consultant, he is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He has obtained several certifications such as MCSE: Server Infrastructure and MCSE: Private Cloud. He is also a multiple-year recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for his contributions in the Windows PowerShell technical community.


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