Acrobat DC: What’s new in Document Cloud?

Acrobat DC: What’s new in Document Cloud?

The newest version of Adobe Acrobat is named DC, Document Cloud. Another Cloud? With Creative Cloud, iCloud, Dropbox and numerous others – do we really need another Cloud?

Yes we do. Document Cloud offers tight integration with Adobe Acrobat so that a PDF file is available on all devices capable of running an Acrobat app. Thus enabling your computer, smartphone, and tablet to access the same files, apply notes, and even edit PDFs.

An example: A PDF is viewed in Adobe Reader on a computer. We want to save it in the Document Cloud and to do this, we just need to sign in at the top right of the screen using our Adobe ID created earlier. Then click the Cloud icon top left in the Toolbar and the file is uploaded to the Document Cloud. Notice we are using the free Adobe Reader app.

The same PDF can now be dowloaded from the Adobe Reader app on a tablet, in this case an iPad, as soon as we have signed in from the app.

Once downloaded comments are added directly on the iPad.

The PDF is saved and is now downloaded on an iPhone, where some of the pages are rearranged.

Finally the PDF can be opened on a computer and the comments acted upon.

These were just a few of the options available from the Document Cloud. The Cloud workflow also allows text editing of PDFs on different devices, filling out and signing forms, adding or exchanging images, and even more.

Most importantly, you never have to worry about forgotten flash or hard drives as your files are always available in the Cloud.

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